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> Cat Had A Seizure While On Metronidazole
сообщение 30.11.2017, 14:46
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but I've been a lurker on the forums for years. I have an 11 year old black fluffy female cat named Yoshi who I've had since I was 10 years old & I love her dearly.

She has always been super healthy, only had one issue about 3 years ago with her dental health but that was taken care of & we haven't had an issue since.

About a month ago she started having really bad diarrhea; not bloody or anything, but large amounts & she couldn't seem to control where it happened. It was timed perfectly with my trying to transition her to a new food type so I assumed it was because of the food. Once I stopped giving her the food she went back to normal.

However, about a week ago I noticed that she was going to her litterbox really frequently. I followed her in a couple times & noticed that she was still having diarrhea, but much smaller amounts, & she was straining to have a bowel movement. Of course I immediately took her to her vet (who is amazing & has been seeing her since she was a kitten), & they did some blood work & a urinalysis. Everything came back completely normal, except that her thyroid levels are slightly higher than normal.

My vet put her on Metronidazole to help her with her diarrhea on Wednesday (0.4mL twice a day- she is really skinny & only weighs around 6 LBS). I've been giving it to her as prescribed since then, and last night about 2 hours after her dose, she had a seizure. It only lasted around 10 seconds & she went completely back to normal after, but that has never happened before, so I naturally freaked out. The vet said it is rare but can happen on Metronidazole. I stopped giving her the medication as advised by the vet, & just have her on probiotics now. I'm waiting for more blood work to come back as well.

Has anyone else experienced this while on Metronidazole? All of her tests from a couple days ago came back completely fine so the vet is sure it is because of the medication. Also, has anyone had success with just probiotics getting rid of diarrhea? Also note that she stopped eating once starting Metronidazole, but since I didn't give her the dose this morning, she is eating & drinking again & seems fine.

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